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Geology for Non-Geologists

Course Overview
This popular four-day course will provide non-geologists with a practical understanding of the principles used by petroleum geologists in the search for oil and gas. The sessions will include both the scientific background and the practical applications of geology. The tools, techniques, and vocabulary of the petroleum geologist will be emphasized throughout the course.

A complete set of course materials and lunches are included.

All scheduled event(s) for this short course:
20-Apr-15 London (4 days) $ 4,495 USD
Seat Sale - $ 3,905 USD
22-Jun-15 Calgary (4 days) $ 3,595 CAD
More than 5 seats available
6-Jul-15 Houston (4 days) $ 3,595 USD
More than 5 seats available
10-Aug-15 Denver (4 days) $ 3,595 USD
More than 5 seats available
24-Aug-15 London (4 days) $ 4,495 USD
More than 5 seats available
13-Oct-15 Calgary (4 days) $ 3,595 CAD
More than 5 seats available
9-Nov-15 Houston (4 days) $ 3,595 USD
More than 5 seats available
7-Dec-15 London (4 days) $ 4,495 USD
More than 5 seats available
Course Outline
  • Origin, Nature, and Occurrence of Petroleum
  • Identifying and Classifying Rocks - Source Rocks, Reservoir Rocks, and Seals
  • Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
  • Depositional Environments and their Significance to Reservoir Rock Prediction
  • Geologic Time and Dating Geologic Events
  • Structural Geology - Folding and Faulting
  • Formation of Petroleum Traps
  • Surface and Subsurface Mapping Methods
  • Reconstructing Geologic Events Through Field Work, Maps, and Cross Sections
  • Exploration Methods - Generating and Evaluating Prospects
  • Working with Logs
  • Sources of Data
  • Sample Examination
  • Oil Shows at the Wellsite
  • Formation Evaluation

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Paul H. Pause is an independent consulting geologist based in Midland, Texas. He earned a bachelor's degree in geology at the University of California at Berkeley, and a master's degree in geology at UCLA. He has worked for a number of oil and gas producing companies, and serves on the executive boards of several professional societies. Paul has received the Dedicated Service award from both the WTGS and the Permian Basin Section SEPM. In May 2002, Paul received the West Texas Geological Society's highest recognition, the Honorary Life Membership award.

Training Venue

To avoid potential course disruptions caused by the attendance of unconfirmed registrants, the training venue address will ONLY be provided to registrants upon receipt of payment (via an email confirmation note).

Participant Evaluations
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March 30, 2015, Market and Business Analyst, Houston
Paul Pause a very passionate geologist and made the course interesting and engaging for all of the attendees. I definitely learned a lot about geology and have gained knowledge that I feel will benefit me as a Business Analyst in the oil industry. I highly recommend this course.
February 12, 2015, Technical Advisor, Calgary
The course was excellent. The teacher was excellent.
February 12, 2015, Simulation EIT, Calgary
This course will answer all the questions that you have out of working with geologist, with not too much detail but adequate amount of explanation.
February 13, 2015, Sales Account Manager, Calgary
I will be pursuing a career in Geology. This was a great learning experience
December 18, 2014, Sr Researcher Computational Geosciences, London
Good course
September 21, 2014, Executive Account Manager, Houston
This class was very impactful.
September 12, 2014, Principal Technical Professional, Houston
A remarkable class taught in a logically progressing manner. It covered so much of the fundamentals and applications, that I now have a deep appreciation of the work geologists do, and of the very upstream side of the oil/gas production chain.
September 23, 2014, Data Quality Engineer, Houston
The Geology for Non-Geologist course is an excellent introduction to understanding geology terminologies, as well as drilling/exploration strategies. The instructor and course material was very thorough in explaining basic geology principles, which made the course very easy to follow and grasp as a non-geologist.
August 28, 2014, Chief Technology Officer, Denver
Excellent intro to petroleum geology. The scope was broad and the teaching was clear and achieved understanding
August 29, 2014, Engineering Technician, Denver
This is likely the best class I have taken over the years. Incredibly comprehensive and detailed yet easy to understand. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a better understanding of the world of Rock Docs.
August 29, 2014, Senior Petrophysicist, Calgary
Excellent course to give a complete overview of geology and its role in the oil prospects identification and development.
August 14, 2014, Manager Winstar Satu Mare SRL, Calgary
a very good training. would recommend it to everybody in my business activity field
July 21, 2014, Senior Account Manager, London
The course delivered to it's promise, giving me a good grounding in Geology.