Introduction to Drilling, Completion and Fracturing Fluids

Course Overview
This three-day course designed for engineers, geologists, technologists, managers, and operations personnel, will present an overview of the application of oil well drilling and completion fluids. The course includes discussions of fluids technology and products, emphasizing the reasons for fluid selection and application.

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Course Outline
  • Upstream Petroleum Introduction and Terminology
  • Fluid Types
  • Generic Product Classifications
  • Fluid Applications
  • Fluids Engineering, Testing and Reporting, Specific Gravity and Pressure Control, Rheology, Viscosity and Hydraulics, Filtration and Fluid Loss, Solids Control and Solids Treatment
  • Fluid Systems and Chemistry, Clays and Polymers, Water-Based Muds, Salt-Based Muds, Non-Aqueous Muds, Clear Brine Completion Fluids, Reservoir Drill-In Fluids, Fracturing Fluids
  • Problems and Solutions, Wellbore Stability, Lost Circulation, Formation Damage
  • Special Systems
  • Health, Safety and the Environment
  • Waste Disposal

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Ryen Caenn is founder of TekRite Communications, specializing in the technology transfer of the operational and environmental aspects of drilling and completion fluids technologies. His career has spanned both field and laboratory positions as well assignments as a research chemist and scientist. In 1994, he established the Drilling and Completion Fluids magazine. Ryen earned a BA in Chemistry from Oklahoma State University, a Certificate in Petroleum Technology from Bedford University, and a Certificate in Environmental Auditing from UC Irvine. He currently develops and conducts schools and seminars on drilling and fluids technology. He has been a member of the API Drilling Fluids Standards subcommittee since 1974.

Training Venue

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Participant Evaluations
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November 21, 2014, R&D Technical Specialist II, Houston
I would say this is a really good course if you need the basics. If you are familiar with the mud process, testing, and some of the additives that are utilized this may be too basic for you.
July 3, 2014, Technical Assistant, Calgary
Great course, would love to take it to another level with more specifics on issues with drilling fluids and specific product additives that are used.
March 18, 2014, Sr. Category Specialist, Houston
Intro to drilling and completion fluids included a very insightful overview of the oil industry, rig site as well as thourough information on the overall process and types of fluids. Being new to the industry, this course was a great foundation to build on!
March 17, 2014, Analyst, Houston
I thought the course was very informative. It provided a lot of background and details on drilling and completion fluids.
October 4, 2013, Project Manager, Houston
Very good course to understand the basics of drilling fluids, the different types and the trade offs between each type.