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N633 - CSA Z662 Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems Code
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December 3, 2018, Engineer, Projects, Calgary
This course went over CSA662 in great detail and provides real-world examples that help present what is a fairly dry text in a way that allows you to understand both what the text says along with why the spec exists the way it does.
December 3, 2018, Pipeline Facility Engineer, EIT, Calgary
Good course to gain a better understanding of the CSA Z662 code.
September 20, 2018, Lead Operator, Calgary
Definitely a great course for anyone designing, installing or operating pipelines.
June 4, 2018, Operations Engineer, Calgary
It is a useful course for people who have anything to do with pipelines, whether they design them or construct them, have just graduated from school or have 20 years of experience.
March 5, 2018, Manager - Project Sourcing, Calgary
Excellent, really enjoyed, should have taken this years ago. All facility engineers performing pipelines should take this, as well as group leaders.
September 29, 2017, Mechanical Engineer, Calgary
This course is great for looking at the bigger picture and intent of CSA Z662. This high level understanding would be advantageous for all involved in Oil & Gas including all levels of management (projects, operations, documentation, Health and Safety, etc.) as well as all levels of technical groups (Engineers and Project Eng., technicians, drafting, trades, etc.). Awareness and understanding the intent of the code is important for all facets of business related to Oil and Gas.
June 14, 2017, Engineer [Consulting], Calgary
An excellent overall review of the current CSA Z662 standard.
February 22, 2017, PIPELINE ENGINEER, Calgary
December 16, 2016, Consultant, Calgary
I feel it is required by all in the industry.
January 10, 2017, Project Manager, Calgary
It is a very good training on CSA Z662 from a high level. It would be better if there are more content covered on the course with a long training time.
October 18, 2016, Inspector, Calgary
Very good course, in depth two day overview introduction to the code.
December 6, 2015, Project Manager, Calgary
Great course, well worth my time.
December 7, 2015, Petro Engineering technologist, Calgary
the course is very good.
December 11, 2015, Mechanical Engineer, Calgary
Well organized and informative
May 30, 2015, Mechanical engineer, Calgary
This is an excellent course for those who do not have a good knowledge of CSA Z662 pipeline standards. The course provides great general knowledge of the entire standard. Overall, the course was excellent. The instructor has a lot of knowledge related to pipeline and was able to provide a lot of applicable examples.
June 5, 2015, Director, Calgary
I found the course to have met my expectations, it was delivered in a comfortable venue and delivered a experienced and humorous and knowledgeable instructor.