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N644 - Geology for Non-Geologists (4 Day)
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October 9, 2018, Safety Advisor, Calgary
June 29, 2018, Research Associate, Calgary
Great course, super content heavy. Gave me a greater understanding and appreciation of geologist.
July 5, 2018, Exploration Technician, Calgary
Paul is a very knowledgeable and great instructor. I feel that the layout of his course was excellent, and the amount of information which was covered was done very effectively over the duration of the 4 day course. His approach to teaching was extremely effective in helping me learn & expand my knowledge of Geology.
July 9, 2018, Research Engineer, Calgary
The course met my expectations as non-geologist. I felt the content provide me with an good background/overview of petroleum geology.
November 23, 2017, Acquisition Engineer, Calgary
As an engineer working with geologists, this course was terrific. I learned more than expected and feel I will be able to participate more thoroughly in exploration discussions going forward.
May 23, 2017, Reservoir Engineer, Calgary
Fantastic course. The material is extremely applicable and easy to follow. Additionally, Paul Pause is a fantastic instructor. His methodical approach to teaching made all the difference.
May 23, 2017, Reservoir Engineer, Calgary
Excellent course - phenomenal instructor!
April 19, 2017, Petroleum Engineer, Houston
This training was very helpful, as a Petroleum Engineer with a chemical engineering background. I found it to be a very complete geology training and I feel I will be able to better understand what the geologists in my office are discussing.
September 3, 2015, IR Coordinator, London
I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot. It was very helpful and useful for my role.
September 3, 2015, Geodetic Specialist, London
Excellent introduction to Geology with a Petroleum focus. I have been in the Oil & Gas industry for 25 years it was a very useful course to consolidate (with real examples) the knowledge I had absorbed over the years. Highly recommended!
July 16, 2015, Drilling Engineer, Houston
One of the best courses I've ever taken, if not the best! Time well spent if you're looking to enhance your understanding of Geology.
June 25, 2015, Production/Completion Engineer, Calgary
The instructor's passion for Geology was very evident, this made the course very enjoyable and made it easy to stay engaged.
March 30, 2015, Market and Business Analyst, Houston
Paul Pause a very passionate geologist and made the course interesting and engaging for all of the attendees. I definitely learned a lot about geology and have gained knowledge that I feel will benefit me as a Business Analyst in the oil industry. I highly recommend this course.
February 12, 2015, Technical Advisor, Calgary
The course was excellent. The teacher was excellent.
February 12, 2015, Simulation EIT, Calgary
This course will answer all the questions that you have out of working with geologist, with not too much detail but adequate amount of explanation.
February 13, 2015, Sales Account Manager, Calgary
I will be pursuing a career in Geology. This was a great learning experience
December 18, 2014, Sr Researcher Computational Geosciences, London
Good course