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Geophysics for Geologists and Petroleum Engineers
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September 21, 2017, Development Engineer, Calgary
Great overview of the geophysical theory and application in the oil and gas industry. Practical examples and class exercises were particularly useful.
October 7, 2016, Staff Reservoir Engineer, Calgary
Strongly recommend this course, very informative and practical.
October 11, 2016, Geologist in-Training, Calgary
This course provided a wealth of information to anyone who works with seismic or geophysicists, but has not reviewed the fundamentals in some time. This course provided hands on seismic examples and a very comprehensible overview of some of the fundamentals of geophysics that will allow you, as either a geologist or engineer, to be able to contribute to geophysical conversations within the office. Whether you already work with seismic or are going to in the future, this is a wonderful course to get you familiar with the most important aspects of geophysics and geophysical interpretation.
October 13, 2016, Geologist in Training, Calgary
This course was a great introduction to seismic acquisition, interpretation and processing for geologists who do not have a background in this area. The course materials were clear and provide a good reference to revisit in the future.
April 2, 2015, Mine Geologist, Calgary
Excellent course! The instructor did a great job of explaining the material which covered all the basics in just the right amount of detail.
October 20, 2014, Business Development Engineer, Calgary
Good course. Happy that it was offered and to have the opportunity to take it.
March 28, 2014, Satff Geologist, Calgary
Good basic content for beginners but need updating with regard to industry examples.
December 19, 2013, Geologist, Calgary
I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to know more about seismic and it;s limitations and benefits in the Oil & gas industry. The instructor Easton Wren has a wealth of knowledge on the subject. He also present the material in a way that keeps the student interested from start to finish.