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N615 - Introduction to Offshore Drilling
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October 5, 2015, Personal Assistant, Houston
Very informative and moved at a quick pace.
August 14, 2014, Director Finance - Western Hemisphere, Houston
The course was very informative and helped me understand the basics of offshore drilling.
September 2, 2014, Senior Consultant, Houston
I found this course not only incredibly helpful for my role as a management consultant within the oil and gas industry, but also extremely interesting! I would highly recommend this course or others offered by PEICE for any consultant who wants a more in-depth view of the industry. The course instructor was phenomenal, and he clearly loved the topic. I feel that I am now much more conversant in these topics and I certainly now understand at a basic level how offshore drilling works. Highly, highly recommended - a great experience and worth every penny!
May 1, 2014, Project Financial Analyst Senior, Houston
Great class.
May 2, 2014, Supply Chain Specialist, Houston
The instructor was knowledgeable, the pace just right and the environment conducive to asking questions and having them answered.
May 2, 2014, Project Procurement Associate, Houston
Great introductory overview for anyone new to offshore drilling or in need of a refresher
May 8, 2014, Senior Compliance Specialist, Houston
The course provide a valuable insight of offshore drilling operations, its challenges and the logistics necessary to drill a well. Furthermore, the course described basics geologist formation, well design, well control, completion and directional drilling for professional with none or slight knowledge of offshore operations.
April 28, 2014, Administrative Assistant - E&P Drilling & Completions, Calgary
Overall good course. This has helped clear things up for me.
October 22, 2013, SHE ANALYST, Houston
Even though my background is not in Engineering or Geology, this course taught me a lot. The terms, concepts, etc. made more sense after this course.
October 25, 2013, Manager, Houston
Very experience Instructor . Excellent Course
October 14, 2013, Lead Analyst - Financial Planning & Analysis, London
This course provides an excellent overview of exploration and production activities and an understanding of key drilling techniques and equipment for non operations people.
October 16, 2013, Environmental Advisor, London
Is a good training for non-technical drilling professional which gives you a picture of the drilling offshore operations.
August 21, 2013, Process Manager, Houston
This is an Introductory course which provides a broad brush overview of the drilling operations. I think 2 days are adequate for this type of course, although the course material could be improved on the second day to not include unrelated and superficial information, which the instructor is not familiar with. Instructor needs to be teaching drilling material only as that's where his experience and expertise are.
August 27, 2013, Developer, Houston
Very informative seminar. Gave a good overall view of offshore drilling.