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N613 - Natural Gas Processing - Dehydration, Refrigeration, and Fractionation
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November 24, 2018, Operator 1, Calgary
Nice refresher for the seasoned oil and gas personnel, and even better for new students joining oil and gas sector.
December 15, 2016, Production Engineer (EIT), Calgary
The course was perfect, not too complicated and not too simple. Truly the best 24 hours in a classroom setting that I spent. If you have any exposure to Dehydration, Refrigeration, and Fractionation in your facilities, this course will break it down for you perfectly and you'll walk away knowing you learned something extremely applicable. I would highly recommend this course! Dale Krauss is an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable and extremely experienced.
December 16, 2016, Engineer, Calgary
I learned a lot from this course. The instructor was very knowledgeable.
May 27, 2016, Process Engineer, Calgary
This course offers a great balance of theory, practical examples and optimization on dehydration, refrigeration and fractionation.
June 1, 2016, Project Manager (Kanata), Calgary
A well-balanced, introductory course to Natural Gas processing principles.
June 2, 2016, Facilities Engineer, Calgary
This course enhanced my understanding of the facility I currently work at. I would recommend this course to my coworkers.
February 26, 2016, Instructor/ Asset Integrity Technician, Calgary
The teacher was extremely knowledgeable in a wide rage of topics. He has lots of experience and stories to back up his what he is teaching. Good teaching points and content. He is kind,welcoming and friendly. Material provided was a bit cheap. A digital copy of the Power point is all that is provided.
March 3, 2016, Lead Operator, Calgary
The course was excellent. Every operator that works with a de-hy or refridge should take this course.
November 6, 2015, Operations E.I.T., Calgary
This course was a great primer into refridge/dehy/fractionation. The instructor made it engaging and interesting. I really appreciate the field experience brought by the instructor.
November 7, 2015, Operator, Calgary
Great course to understand natural gas processing and learn a variety of different equipment layout options.
November 11, 2015, operator, Calgary
Very informative course. Lots of real world examples on design issues in actual implementations. I highly recommend this course.
November 12, 2015, Senior Technical Sales, Calgary
I thought the course was very good. I was especially impressed by the instructor's ability to speak without notes.
January 26, 2015, maintenance foreman, Calgary
After 25 years in the industry I still found this course to be great.
January 26, 2015, Manager, NGL Business Development, Calgary
Excellent course to learn about NG dehydration, refrigeration, and fractionation. Instructor was willing to answer all questions before moving on the next subject which provides everyone with a solid understanding of the material taught.
October 8, 2014, Integrity Engineer, Calgary
My background is related to Oil and Gas, but I have very little experience with processing or operating facilities. The course was perfect for me to give an understanding of all the different terms I hear used around the office, how the pieces of equipment I see actually operate and what their purpose is.
February 5, 2014, Facilities Engineer, Calgary
Very well conducted, all if not, most, issues that came up in discussion were well addressed. I'm ~ 11 months in the facilities industry and thought that it was a good time to enroll in the course - difficulty wise.