Course Job Title Listing

Introduction to Log Analysis
Alphabetical listing of the most recent job titles/positions attending this course.
Job Title
Application Support Geoscientist
Cavern Specialist
Completions Engineer
Completions Superintendent
Completions Technologist
Consulting Geologist
Data Analyst
Deltastream Energy Corporation
Development Engineer
Director Of Business Development
Drilling Optimization Engineer
Engineer In Training
Engineer Tech
Exploitation Engineer
Exploitation Engineer, EIT
Explorationist (Geology)
Explorationist Geology
Facilities Engineer
Geological Intern
Geological Technologist
Geologist (I.T.)
Geologist I
Geologist I.T.
Geologist II
Geologist In Training
Geophysical Programmer
Geoscience Technician
Geoscience Technologist
GIT Geophysicist
Graduate Geologist
Jr. Engineering Analyst
Jr. Geologist
Jr. Geoscientist
Jr. Petrophysicist
Junior Geologist
Junior Geologist I.T.
Lead Field Supervisor
Lead Product Specialist
LWD Specialist
Manager, Business Development
Operational Analyst
Operations & Production Manager
Operations Engineer
Operations Engineering Tech
Principal, Reserves And Resources Governance
Product Manager, Energy Technical
Production Engineer
Production Engineer In Training
Production Engineer Technologist
Production Engineering
Production Engineering, SFD
Production Lead
Production Technologist
Research Analyst
Research Scientist
Reservoir Engineer
Reservoir Engineer EIT
Reservoir Engineering EIT
Reservoir Technologist
Resource Geologist
Rotational Engineer
Senior Project Geologist
Specialist - Client Solutions Frac
Sr. Data Scientist
Staff Production Engineer
Technical Specialist - Client Solutions
Technical Specialist, Fracturing
Well Site Leader