Course Job Title Listing

N620 - Fundamentals of Petroleum Industry Economics
Alphabetical listing of the most recent job titles/positions attending this course.
Job Title
Asset Manager, G&P
Asset Performance Specialist
Assistant Director
Budgeting & Planning Coordinator
Business Development Adviser
Business Development Technologist
CAPEX Analyst, Operations
Chief Geoscientist
Contact Engineer
Corporate Strategy Analyst
Crude Oil Supply Manager
Data Management Engineer
Development Engineer
Development Excellence Lead
Director Decision Analysis
Drilling And Completions Manager
EIT, Technical Analytics
Engineer IT
Engineer Tech
Evaluations Engineer
Exploitation Engineer
Exploitation Engineer (EIT)
Facility Engineer
Facility Engineering Manager
Facility Foreman
Finance Analyst
Financial Analyst
Gas Plant Operator
Geoscience Project Lead
Group Lead - Maintenance & Reliability Engineering
Junior Economist
JV Rep
Lead Fabrication Engineer
Lead Materials Engineer
Leader, Technology Development
Manager Operations Accounting
Manager, Financial Accounting
Manager, Strategic Policy
Market Analyst
Operations Engineer
Opportunity Manager
Performance Analyst, Unconventional Planning & Optimization
Performance Management
Process Engineer
Production Engineer
Production Engineering Technologist
Production Facilities Engineer
Project Engineer
Project Portfolio Manager
Regulatory Manager
Royalty Analyst
Royalty Planning Analyst
RTOC Team Lead
Senior Contract Specialist
Senior Facilities LOF Engineer
Senior Policy Advisor
Senior Policy Analyst
Senior Process Engineer
Senior Production Foreman
Senior Shipping Officer
Sr Staff Environmental Engineer
Sr. Analyst Downstream
Sr. Engineering Tech
Sr. Reservoir Engineer
Sr. Royalty Analyst
Sr. Royalty Coordinator
Subsurface Engineering Technician
Supply Manager
Supply Managment Professional
Systems Supervisor
Team Financial Analyst.
Technical Advisor
Technical Analytics EIT
Technical Leader, Hydrocarbon Resources
Threat Analyst
TL Corporate Controls
Trucking Coordinator
Vice President, Development Services