Course Job Title Listing

N641 - PHA/HAZOP Facilitation Training
Alphabetical listing of the most recent job titles/positions attending this course.
Job Title
Construction Manager
EHS Advisor
EHS Manager
EIT, Technical Analytics
Engineer In Training
Exploitation Engineer
Facilities Engineer
Health & Safety Supervisor
Health And Safety New Grad
HSE Coordinator
Lead Engineer
Measurement Project, Program Manager
Measurement Projects, Team Lead
Operations / Production Engineer
Operations Engineering Supervisor
Operations Project Coordinator
Performance Engineer
Plant Engineer
Proccess Engineer
Process & Measurement Team Lead
Process Engineer
Process Engineering Lead
Process Safety & Risk Project Consultant
Process Safety Engineer
Production Engineer
Project Engineer
Project Manager
Refinery Engineer
Refinery Project Engineer
Safety Consultant
Senior Controls Engineer
Senior Production Engineer
Senior Staff Process Engineer
Sr Facilities Engineer
Staff Process Engineer
Technical Safety Engineer